Zalmi Foundation Donates 1 Crore to PM Corona Relief Fund

Peshawar Zalmi Chairman, Javed Afridi announces PKR 1 Crore Donation to the Prime Minister's Corona Relief Fund
In his Twitter message, Javed Afridi said that Zalmi Foundation will donate PKR 1 crore to the Corona Relief Fund. Javed Afridi said he hopes every person of Pakistan will be able to play his role in these difficult times and he requested all Pakistanis to contribute to the Prime Minister's Corona Relief Fund. Javed Afridi also requested all to stay home and take all precautions.
Meanwhile, a campaign for awareness against the Corona virus is also underway through Peshawar Zalmi’s as several Zalmi star cricketers have released special video messages to educate the masses. Awareness campaign is being done in English, Sindhi and Pashto from all Zalmi Platforms.

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