Pink Pakistan Trust is committed to the mission of ensuring the health and well-being of Pakistani women. We have launched the first ever digital application to create awareness about breast cancer and provide free of cost treatment to breast cancer patients in Pakistan.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among Pakistani women claiming the lives of 13, 725 women with 25, 928 cases reported only during the last year, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer. The limited health infrastructure, lack of awareness and social taboo around the disease have exacerbated the situation in the country.

To counter this challenge, Pink Pakistan Trust has launched a digital initiative to build its outreach in every nook and corner of the country for the women who do not have the means to seek professional medical help or counselling services to fight breast cancer.

According to Dr. Zubaida Qazi, the President of Pink Pakistan, ‘Early detection is the key to defeating breast cancer. Our application will create the much-needed awareness about the disease and will help the users to perform self-examination regularly and easily to detect breast cancer early.’

Pink Pakistan application has the following key features:


One of the most common symptoms of breast cancer is the formation of a lump in the breast which grows by the time and causes pain to the patient. Owing to the shame associated with this disease in the society, women would not speak even to their family members about it. Thousands of women have lost their lives due to the late diagnosis of breast cancer.

This app facilitates women to perform self-examination and diagnose the disease at the earliest to increase their chances of defeating it. This feature is easy to use and comes with step-by-step video tutorials of the entire process.

Appointment with the Specialist Doctors:

Based on the outcome of the self-examination process, the users will be directed to a list of doctors with whom they can reserve an appointment at the time of their convenience free of cost. Pink Pakistan boasts a pool of qualified and experienced doctors and therapists across the country who have been the frontline warriors in the battle against this disease.

Discussion Forum:

One of the main sources of support for cancer patients is to hear the stories of the survivors and speak with the experts who can give the best guidance. The app caters to this need through an online discussion forum where the users can ask questions freely without any judgement, learn from the experience of others and prepare themselves to win their fight against breast cancer.

Accessible in Local Languages:

Besides Urdu and English, the application has been made available in the major local languages, including Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi and Pashto, to increase its outreach in the community. The application does not necessarily require an internet connection to function, as its features can be accessed through the calling service.

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